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    7Zoogle is the online platform which communicated between customer with there needed worker.This connects worker to customer. 7Zoogle is like a home Library where all types of the worker’s are available which are all experienced or professional person’s just customer have to visit our website and submit there needed Details related to work. We are trying to provide All home related to service to the customer at there home. Because we want to save human’s times they don’t have need to go out from home and find for worker for his work and he/she have only visit site.

    We are trying to provide also all basic knowledge of the daily life’s routine which was related to small types of problem’s which was available in our portal. 7Zoogle also provide online products to their local Area’s. 7Zoogle is the unique idea which is the needed platform for customer’s to solve their problem’s Guaranteed and short’s time.


Our Aim Is to Provide All The Technical/Non-Technical And Home's Services At One Platform To Human's For Save Their Time and Want To Provide Satisfied Services.


Mission of Us to Provide Work's To Those Persion Who Don't Have Work's and Un-employed and Give the Service to Customer at There Home.

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24X7 Help & Support : +91 77 37 22 7788 or Mail us at info@7zoogle.com